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About Day Care Nursery

Our Nursery is situated on the border of East Ham and Manor Park, just a few minutes walk from East Ham tube station.  It is also within walking distance of Manor Park railway station and a short bus ride to Stratford.

In 2012 our Ofsted inspection resulted in a 'Good' category.  We are registered to provide day care for up to 40 children aged 6 months to 5 years.

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Our Aims

All children deserve a good start in life and we try to do everything we can to support both you and your child. Good quality child care prepares children for the challenges ahead, helping them to develop good social skills, a curious mind, and the ability to tackle problems creatively and constructively. 

We provide a caring, stimulating environment where your child will be cared for by an experienced, well trained and dedicated staff team. We will provide a smooth transition for your child between the intimacy of your home environment and the demands and complexities of school life. Most importantly we will work with you to make this a creative and happy time.

We welcome and invite parents to spend time with their child at the Nursery so parents can become familiar with the environment.  We encourage interaction with the staff to help build trust and confidence in our ability as professional carers.

We maintain close communication with parents by keeping records of each child’s activities throughout the day. We record eating, sleeping and nappy changes for each child on a daily basis and encourage parents to keep in close contact with us until they feel confident that their child is happy in our care.

There is no set time for a settling in period. All children are different and have individual needs.


The main play area for toddlers and preschoolers is divided into learning zones: a creative area, a home corner, a quiet area/book corner, area for physical play, maths and language development. Each area provides resources, equipment and opportunities for children to develop and reach their own unique potential.

There is a small garden where children grow and care for their own potted plants to stimulate their knowledge and understanding of the world.

The separate baby unit is designed to encourage development. Brightly coloured equipment and surroundings, music and the use of textured materials create a stimulating environment where babies can learn through play. The baby unit has its own activity programme which allows them to explore and experience their surroundings between their sleep schedules. There are allocated play areas for mobile and non mobile babies. Your baby will have its own dedicated carer, specially trained in caring for your baby, who will get to know you and your baby well.

We provide daily records about your baby’s day. This will include; food intake, nappy changes, time spent sleeping, developmental achievements and anything else you may wish to know.


The Nursery provides a wide range of activities to meet the children’s emotional, physical and intellectual needs. Interaction between staff and individual children will be sensitive to their backgrounds and abilities. Children are encouraged to try new activities in a safe and supportive environment.

A draft programme for each month is organised. This is reviewed and refined for each week to reflect the age range, needs and abilities of registered children.

Our staff team includes workers experienced in providing care for children with special needs; our activities and programmes are inclusive and we are proactive in our approach to integration.


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