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Marian Spiers Interview

24 January 2014

Barclays, who are sponsors of Trinity’s Adult Education Programme recently visited to meet our students.  Volunteers from Barclays are taking part in an electronic pen pal project with Trinity students;  regular emails between the pen pals help our students improve their English, literacy and IT in a practical and immediate manner.  This was the first meeting between students and pen pals after many months of emails where each side talked about their lives and plans for the future.  As well as finally meeting each other, students and pen pals joined together to talk about themselves, with students using their newly acquired searching skills to show images of their country and talk about their culture.


Our Projects

Trinity Day Care Nursery

Is Ofsted approved and registered. We provide full day care for children from 6 months to 5 years.

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Aims to develop positive minds to help children build their lives and become active participants in their communities.

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Adult Education Programme

Trinity has always helped new arrivals to learn English. Our classes support beginner level students to gain basic literacy.

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Provides opportunities for social interaction, mutual support and activities for Asian women and girls.

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Independent Groups

An important feature of our work is supporting and encouraging local people to develop their own interests.

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