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About Us


We aim to improve the conditions of life for local people.  We offer education, recreation and health support to help people gain the skills to become self-reliant. Our aim is to enable marginalised people to have more control over their lives.



Trinity Centre is based in Newham, one of the most disadvantaged boroughs in London. The majority of children in the borough are born to parents who were born overseas. Newham is a densely populated area with high levels of unemployment, poor housing, low skills, and a transient population.

Local people access a range of services, from health and support groups to subsidised child care. Each day Trinity welcomes a mixed community of all ages from pre-schoolers to elders.  



Trinity regularly delivers services in partnership with other local agencies and statutory organisations. Current partners include:
Social Arc, who provide support and guidance to vulnerable young people. We work closely with the Newham Clinical Commissioning Group to provide activities and guidance to individuals with long term health issues, in particular those suffering from diabetes, obesity and cardio-vascular disease. Subco Trust and Trinity work together to deliver services for the elderly. The Ekta Project also supports Asian elders, providing support and advocacy, particularly to housebound individuals.

East London NHS Foundation Trust deliver mental health support through their Hearing Voices project.

Our Team


Board of Trustees

Mr. Saji Maliekal (Chair)
Miss. Janani Paramsothy (Vice Chair)
Mr. Baldev Raj Goyal (Treasurer)


Mr. Isaac Erikigho (Trustee)

Ms. Sarah Osho (Trustee)
Ms.Thilaka Muruga Moorthy (Trustee)

Trinity Core Team

Paul Chelliah: Centre Director
Jackie Merrin: Office/Admin Manager
Krishnabavani Mehavarnan: Finance officer

Danute Rinkeviciene: Caretaker

Trinity Day Care Nursery Core Team

Nursery Manager              Farhana Yasmin
Deputy Manager               Habiba Bellahearne


Room Leaders                   Amanpreet Bhatia
                                       Isabelle Kabasubabu

Annual Reports

Annual Report 2020-2021

Annual Report 2021-2022

Annual Report 2022-2023


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