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Good Life Project

In the late 1990’s Trinity was approached by Social Services to be a base for Adults with Learning Difficulties (ALD). Since then, there have been many changes to care provision delivered by local councils. Over this time, Trinity
has developed and delivered good quality activities for ALD, providing space that supports them to integrate into their local community. Their contact with other users of our building, through events and projects, has helped dispel
many of the myths that people often have. Over the years we have seen participants grow in confidence and skills. Many attend the activities with their carers.


Adults with learning difficulties can:

  • Join in our music and singing group where they can learn to play simple instruments and work towards a performance at one of our community events. This activity is delivered by a qualified music teacher experienced in working with ALD.

  • Attend our chair-based exercises.


Please contact Paul for further information on: 020 8472 8947 or

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